Tell Your Data’s Story

Dashboards give you the what, but uncovering the whys and hows is what drives informed decision-making

Derisk your investment decisions and consistently make the right choices to drive structural growth

1. Re•veal

Make previously unknown or secret information known to others.

Connect to our growth innovation platform for real-time analysis into sales performance. Covisio also collects essential metadata around your technology stack, org structure, incentives, & enablement so that there is full visibility into all of the quantitative and qualitative factors impacting your GTM performance.

Inspection data is cross-referenced with current activities across your GTM organization. This enables Covisio, together with your revenue leaders, to identify the structural growth levers and deficiencies that are impacting your forecast, pipeline, and deal flow.

2. Ac•cel•er•ate

Undergo a change in velocity.

Covisio identifies the critical actions that will have the
greatest impact on performance. Our actionable
notifications are presented in a concise and easy-to-execute checklist for leaders to act on with speed and precision.

Checklists are a combination of watch lists for inspection, story bank for spotting and telling customer impact stories, and a to-do list designed to address current quarter challenges while providing forward-looking direction to drive success in coming quarters.

3. De•ploy

To position in readiness for combat.

The speed at which you institutionalize successful
initiatives is the key to structural growth. Covisio uses the baseline data and metadata gathered to test, iterate, and ultimately, optimize the identified actions, enabling you to make proactive, well-informed, and validated budget allocations to meet your targets.

Covisio's growth innovation platform tracks essential KPIs against the actions and investments. Internal pattern recognition combined with Covisio’s comparison data from similar companies creates a revenue flywheel.


By threading the needle through performance data, current activities, and the tangible impact of investments, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of the key factors that contribute to a high-performance revenue team.


Ruthlessly prioritizing the items that have an outsized impact on your revenue goals and focusing on their execution creates hyper efficiency across teams and accelerates the time to revenue impact.


By systematically looking at the factors affecting performance and measuring the impact of investments against them, you create a culture of continuous innovation that focuses on what’s working and building upon that success.

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