About Covisio

We know what you’re going through.

Our founders have spent decades as both operators and as consultants
working with hundreds of high growth companies.

We’ve recognized some patterns along the way.

Covisio was founded to create a growth innovation platform designed to support revenue leaders as they face unprecedented challenges.

Covisio navigates the chaos caused by an overabundance of data, disconnected enablement, and siloed information through:

Simplicity to cut through the noise

Precision in decision-making and communication

Speed of execution as challenges arise


The Covisio founders are a diverse bunch. In fact, we are complete opposites from one another, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Our differences are our superpower. They drive us to challenge norms and they foster a culture of innovation.

Our values are also born from them.


We create value by reining in chaos.
Excellence is not elusive, it’s derived from simplicity, structure, and balance.


Collaboration means embracing each other’s unique perspectives. Speak equitably, listen with intensity, and show genuine curiosity.


Covisio is a safe place for you to be you! House rules: default to kindness, challenge bias, draw a line that you will never cross.

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